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Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Santiago, Chile, January 2000
A Networking Art Project in Homage to Indigenous People
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Chacana Cross made of mail art entries for Crosses of the Earth by Hans Braumller

An international networking art project

"Crosses Of The Earth" takes inspiration the ancestral indigenous cross of the four cardinal points and the axis sky-earth, representing a space of encounter for humanity. The cristian cross is only one side of this universal symbol.

We have lost our center as human beings through the occidental way of life.. We can still learn from indigenous guides, who have not lost the essential wisdom and knowledge of nature. Indigenous people across the globe who have suffered genocide and colonization, are still fighting against oppression and the reduction of life to selfish economic interests.

Their contributions are onesidedly accepted as folklore only, or lately as a "naturist" contribution to western medicine. Our future will bring peace only if we are to respect our origins in the Earth Mother and include native people as protagonists of our past, present and future history. We therefore propose to create a cross/interaction of artworks/crosses by the year 2000 in Santiago de Chile. There it will unfold over the ground, with its four ends in cardinal direction, facing the sky.

In order for our future not to resemble that of the many now extinct native people, we call upon artists, intelectuals and people of good will to inaugurate the third millenium with a conscious reflection and participation in the project

Crosses of the Earth: Homage to Indigenous People

The cross itself will be composed of other crosses made by artists of diverse cultures. The resulting cross aims to have a pluralistic and integrational character, proposing a vision beyond christianity: a de-colonizing of the cross.

The project is represented in the WorldWideWeb under the following address:


The dimensions of Crosses Of The Earth are still open. After the initiation of the project, it could be reinstalled in a different configuration, at another date and place. The individual works will not be returned to their authors, as they will remain part of the Crosses of the Earth project, which could eventually be donated to a museum or other appropriate institution.

It is important to note that due to the egalitarian, networking spirit of the project, all contributions will be accepted without a jurying process. There are no restrictions with regards to media either.

This collective installation offers alternative images of crosses as models of artistic and indigenous integration, while still giving space to the individual works. The connection of indigenous networks and networking mail-art, both marginal to mainstream culture, can provoke significant events and raise consciousness for the creation of a more tolerant and open culture. Finally, the crosses aim at increasing international solidarity with the fight of native people as well as contributing to the global discussion of survival.

e-mail: braumueller@crosses.net

After the installation of the cross in Santiago de Chile, all participants will receive a copy of the cd-rom catalogue.

The exhibtion will take place in Santiago de Chile on january 15-30, 2000, at the Museum of Contemporary Art within an International Encounter of Art and Indigenous Culture.

Project Coordination Crosses of the Earth
Hans Braumller email: braumueller@crosses.net

Coordination Chile International Encounter
CONACIN Coordinadora Nacional Indianista
Casilla 154 Correo 22 Santiago de Chile
FON/FAX: +56 2 6728814

Installations-Skizze für Kreuze der Erde

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Crosses of the Earth: Texts | Installation MAC, Chile | Video | Participants | Some Contributions
Crosses of the Earth
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Crosses of the Earth is an international networking art project by Hans Braumüller with 341 participants to honor Indigenous People
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