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Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Santiago, Chile, January 2000
A Networking Art Project in Homage to Indigenous People
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Since 1996 I have been inviting to artists in the world by means of the post, and from 1998 by e-mail, to send a cross in homage to indigenous peoples. This networking art project would present crosses of models of artistic and indigenous integration: the collective network that develops an amplified art action, the electronic and digital dimension “Crosses of the Earth” under http:www.crosses.net/2000, the carrying out of the installation in the Central Hall of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago de Chile, and its initiation in an indigenous ceremony.

My sincere gratitude to Bruno Berchenko, Gioconda Moreno, José Mansilla Miranda, Claudia Liekam, Clavería, José Segovia and to all participants in Crosses of the Earth. Without their collaboration it would have not been possible to inaugurate the new millenium with the appeal that the indigenious peoples be protagonists as in the past in our present and future on Mother Earth.

Hans Braumüller
Santiago de Chile, January, 2000.
Crosses of the Earth: Texts | Installation MAC, Chile | Video | Participants | Some Contributions
Crosses of the Earth
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Crosses of the Earth is an international networking art project by Hans Braumüller with 341 participants to honor Indigenous People
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